Fully Electric. Simple, clean and smart. The Silence S01 is “The Commuter”. Equivalent to a 125cc scooter or motorbike and created for the urban eco-cool. Zippy performance, exceptional carry-on space and app connected. Ride up to 62mph and travel 80 miles on one full charge.

Silence S01


  • 30mph limited speed
  • 0-30 in 3.9 seconds
  • Range of up to 91 miles (WMTC)
  • ECO, City and Sport driving modes
  • Reverse gear
  • LED lighting
  • USB Port
  • SIM-APP Connected

Cutting edge technology and design have produced the ultimate e-moto scooter for zero emission city commuting. With its low centre of gravity and exceptional performance, this e-moto scooter is seriously fun to ride. And practical too with its clever removable ‘click and go’ battery and large luggage space, ideal for two helmets or a small bag.

Vehicle Warranty

2 Years

Battery Warranty

3 Years

Roadside Assistance

2 Years, AA

The S01 e-moto scooter at a glance

  • Maximum speed 62mph

  • Instantly available power

  • 0-30 in 3.9 seconds

  • 3 driving modes and reverse

  • Up to 80 mile range

  • Under seat storage

  • LED lighting

  • USB Port

  • SIM-APP Connected


100% electric motor and rechargeable battery: 0 fuel, 0 emissions

LED lighting

Long-lasting lighting with low pollution light


A noise-free scooter that helps to reduce sound pollution

Large boot

Don’t worry about the luggage


80% reductions on running costs. Travel 100 miles for around £1. Plus, save around 30% on maintenance.

Driving modes

ECO: In Eco mode the scooter has limited speed of 43mph. It allows you to economize and get about in a more relaxed way.

CITY: The S01 is designed for getting around the City. It has limited speed of 53mph, giving the vehicle a good level of performance and consumption.

SPORT: In Sport mode the driving reaches 62mph, offering greater strength and speed in specific cases and a more regenerative braking.

Regenerative CBS Brakes

The S01 comes standard with a combined braking system (CBS): the left lever brakes both wheels and the right lever brakes the front wheel and activates the regenerative brake system to help brake and recharge the battery.

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